The Michigan QBS Coalition is a group of professionals, organized with the mission to enhance public safety through educating and assisting public officials and public owners on qualifications-based selection process. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Easy to use guides
  • Downloadable forms
  • QBS facilitator at no cost to the owner

The Coalition will not participate in the actual selection of design professionals or recommend firms for consideration.

To learn more about QBS or to request a facilitator, please contact:

Ron Brenke

    Ron Brenke, QBS Manager
    530 W. Ionia St. Suite D
    Lansing, MI 48933
    (517) 332-2066
    FAX: (517) 332-4333

The QBS Coalition can help owners develop and implement a Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) process – at no charge.

Individual forms for download
  1. Request for Letters of Qualification Sample Memo
  2. Requirements for Letters of Qualification
  3. Schedule of Activities
  4. Preliminary Scope of the Work
  5. Memo: for Firms that Submitted Letters/Statements of Qualification-not Selected to Interview
  6. Memo to Shortlisted Firms to be Interviewed/Tour of Facilities/and Criteria
  7. The Interview: Questions and Score Sheets
  8. Group Interview Evaluation Form
  9. Memo to Shortlisted Firms when Technical Proposal is Required
  10. Technical Proposals Should Address the Following Issues
  11. Group Technical Proposal Evaluation Form
  12. Memo for All Professional Design Firms that were Interviewed
  13. The Reference Check
  14. Letters of Qualification Evaluation
  15. Optional Form
  16. The Interview: Questions and Score Sheets
  17. Group Technical Proposal Evaluation Form



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QBS Step-by-Step Videos

Step #1 Owner Develops the General Scope of the Project

Step #2 - Issue a Request for Qualifications

Step #3 - Evaluate the Qualifications

Step #4 - Make a Short List

Step #5 - Conduct Interviews

Step #6 - Rank Firms

Step #7 - Select Top Ranked Firm

Step #8 - Evaluate the Qualifications

Step #9 - Negotiate a Fee

Step #10 - Execute a Contract

QBS Awards Program

ACEC and NSPE partnered to create the QBS Awards Program. The QBS Awards Program recognizes public and private entities that make exemplary use of the QBS selection process at the state and local levels.

ACEC and NSPE present a grand QBS award each year in each of two categories:

  • Non-Governmental Sector
  • Governmental Sector

Non-Government entities include private corporations, privately-funded research labs, private utility companies, design professionals, construction contractors, developers and any non-government entity that uses design professional services on a regular basis.

Government entities include states, municipalities, local governments, departments or agencies of government, school districts, university systems, public utility systems, research laboratories (if publicly funded), special purpose districts, and the like.

Call for Nominations

A call for award nominations is usually sent out to the ACEC Member Organizations in December. Following review of the nominations and selection of the winners, the winners receive an engraved trophy and are honored at an awards ceremony at either the ACEC or NSPE Annual Conference.

In addition to the two QBS Awards, the QBS Awards program will designate up to four Merit Award winners, who will be presented a plaque locally, at an event coordinated by the PEPP State Chair and the ACEC Member President.



The 2018 QBS Award Nomination Form. Deadline for nominations is March 15, 2018.